On-Site Training Available for Your Organization

With over 30 years of experience in nature-based learning, Patti Shields is available to consult with you and your staff to help you create a practical, fun and enriching outdoor classroom. She has provided workshops to teachers, directors, and parents through NAEYC, CAEYC and San Diego AEYC on how to incorporate nature into the curriculum.Patti has provided consultations to child development centers and preschools in San Diego for the past eight years.  Patti and At Home in Nature staff are available for early childhood programs and centers, parent groups, and home school groups to help you move your program outdoors.

We can also help you understand the particular issues when teaching outdoors. We will help you to learn how to  implement high-quality and responsive teaching in an outdoor setting, as well as on nature walks in your neighborhood.

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Please use the contact form on the right to reach Patti about scheduling a training session with your staff.